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Welcome to my website!

It is hard to believe that I have been uploading images and keywords to this site for 9 years. I now have approaching 18,000 ready-to-use images posted. If this is your first visit please return soon, as images are being added frequently.

Still to come are sizeable collections of images of - in no particular order - British landscape, British natural history, Peru, Rome, Spain, Prague and Patagonia, plus significant expansions of existing galleries. In fact the only galleries that are definitely complete (until the next visit there) are Easter Island, Botswana and Venice. Covid-19 has currently put a halt to travels abroad, but planned for May 2021 is a trip to Slovenia, to photograph birds, bears and landscape. Let's hope it isn't postponed again!

Despite photographing seriously and successfully for many years, it was only late in 2015 that I decided to enter a few of the major national or international competitions for a bit of fun. Thus far I have entered just eleven. In the Bird Photographer of the Year 2016 competition I had one image shortlisted, two shortlisted in the 2017 competition, and in the 2018 competition four shortlisted and nine commended, with one of my images winning the Bronze Award in the Creative Imagery Category. I must have been getting better as in 2019 I had four images shortlisted, one of which was Commended and another won the Inspirational Encounters Award. In the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 I had four images shortlisted (one in each of four different categories) and after final judging one image was given a Highly Commended award in the Close to Nature category. I also had three images shortlisted in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2016, and one image was a finalist in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020. You can see all my award-winning and exhibited images from 2015-20 in my gallery of the same name ( And keep a look out for the books showcasing the various competitions.

For the technically-minded, I currently use two Canon DSLRs: an EOS 5D Mark IV and the phenomenal new mirrorless EOS R5, with lenses ranging from 8-15mm fisheye to 400mm in focal length. The R5 is wonderful, with supreme image quality coupled with fantastic focusing accuracy, not least due to animal eye recognition. I try to do little post-camera manipulation of images, apart from changes in levels etc., though the cameras will do HDR imaging, and give some very interesting results, especially with moving subjects. Recently I have started experimenting with Canon's app to allow control of the 5D Mark IV from my mobile phone. It can be remarkably useful for close-up wildlife photography to sit the camera on a tripod and control its functions from a respectful distance! 

All images displayed on my site are ready for use and are offered on a rights-managed basis (that is, you pay for a specific use of an image). An image can be purchased easily, securely, and at very reasonable cost: for a single private and personal (non-commercial) use, such as wallpaper on a computer screen, the cost is 15GBP (about $17 US). It can then be downloaded - watermark-free of course - after secure payment by credit or debit card or from an existing PayPal account. Original RAW or TIFF files (the latter from Nikon use in South Africa) are available for the majority of images on request. If you have any queries about usage, for example clarification about the pricing for your prospective use of an image, any comments - complimentary or otherwise, or would like a quote for royalty-free usage, please get in touch via the Contact page. I'm always happy to negotiate on fees. I'll reply to any enquiry as soon as I can, though the net is drawn fairly feintly in some parts of the world!

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and if you would like to be kept informed about new collections, new projects, planned expeditions etc please register on the site and I will include you in my next emailing.

Happy browsing!

Martin Grace

I am studying Hnd Photography at college and was just wanting to know if you can please let me know what you interest is in the 17th century photographs you have taken, because i love the way you have taken them and have tried to do some of my own.

I would also know why you started photography in the first place and what type of portraits you prefer to take.

Thank you
Chelsea Harris
I don't have the slightest idea

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